• No Bad Ideas
    When digital printing first became affordable and accessible, we were asked to tell people it was affordable and accessible. We tasked ourselves with also making it entertaining, lest it be lost in a sea of literature to businesses from printers, caterers, document shredders and office-plant watering services. These preposterously written and designed direct mail pieces compelled a trial of this new printing freedom, asking readers to input their own information on a fun website, which generated a totally customized return postcard within days with the customer’s information woven in. Product demonstration: the oldest trick in the book…modernized.
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  • Littering is Wrong, Too
    Good advertising gets people talking. Marketers just need to lodge a thought in overwhelmed consumers’ heads to have a chance. For a litter prevention campaign with partners Hill & Knowlton and Keep America Beautiful, we took things to extremes. Wrong extremes, to frame up how most people perceive littering (it’s wrong, you know). Our outlandish wrongs set up the payoff: LitteringIsWrongToo.org. We even gave folks a place to chime in with their wrongs. And, in the end, we got people thinking about (not) littering. Nothing wrong with that. The campaign also garnered TWO PR industry awards for excellence. Nothing wrong with that, either.
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  • I Don’t Recycle
    Everyone’s seen the ‘recycling is good,’ messages. We didn’t think they’re very compelling. What if people who DIDN’T recycle were as publicly proud of their lifestyle as recyclers are of theirs? With some savvy research and a great, risk-taking client, we launched a campaign for the state of Georgia that was to get people talking. And talk they did. 142 communities adopted the campaign of billboards, print ads, radio spots, cinema spots…and life-size cut-outs of our non-recyclers, and lots of grassroots, guerilla-type stuff that works hard on the ground. And the website we built to coordinate all this talking, YouGottaBeKidding.org, generated more traffic in its first 90 days than 90 percent of all websites in existence. The group The Fray even posed with our boy Tommy on their summer tour.
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  • Famous Bins
    Hillsborough County, Florida had seen and loved our “I Don’t Recycle” work for Georgia, and asked us for a headline or two telling people where to request a bin. We saw an opportunity to do more, and enlisted some well-known bins for our Famous Bins campaign…which we grew into a contest whereby residents visited a web site to enter the latest Famous Bin they had spied, with the hopes of grabbing one of several prizes. More than just a county-sponsored message for free bins, we improved their visibility, while keeping recycling top of mind…where it should be.
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  • New Yeller
    Even with all the high-tech communication devices at our disposal, it can be difficult to communicate with a group of people efficiently. Some want old-fashioned landline phone calls (think Baby Boomers); some want emails (think office worker-bees); some want texts (think almost everyone under age 25). YellY’all makes it easy—provided they can break through the super-saturated clutter of life today and tell folks about their service. Enter DMC, giving them their memorable new name, a hardworking logo, a clean, easy-to-navigate website and some spiffy die-cut biz cards. Breakthrough branding for a breakthrough service.
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  • Tiger Spoof
    It’s hard to tout a golf course without lots of beauty shots at sunset/rise…at least that was the popular thinking. Do that, we reasoned, and run the risk of looking like every other golf course in that most-crucial of settings, in the media. So our crack creatives came up with a spoof of a then-popular Tiger Woods spot that used humor to garner consideration among Washington D.C.’s golfing community…not to mention garnering a Best of Show in the D.C. Addy’s that year.
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  • HR B2B
    Is it possible to make Human Resources Management interesting? Or at least to set apart one company offering those services from the others? Once again, a great client bought into the need to truly use advertising for all its worth, and actually say something in a relevant and creative way. They, and we, didn’t assume people were just dying to read their ad copy. So we made them, by designing in-your-face ads that put into human terms the problems plaguing it prospective customers.
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  • Thought for Food
    Even with small-space ads and almost no budgets, restaurants can say tons about what awaits diners. A tone, a mood, a manner of speaking. The Red Star ads addressed some specific issues of their location as well as extolled the virtues of this hip eating/drinking establishment. With Taste, we set up and paid off the upscale food but relaxed atmosphere from word one. It wasn’t really our fault when their Tuesday night business went from 28 people one week to 240 the next…we warned them.
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  • Urban Attitude
    Eden Apartments in downtown Baltimore epitomize luxury living. And convenience. And what it’s like to be 20- to 30-something living in a trend-o neighborhood and be, well, beautiful (no dogs allowed!). But targeting these sought-after would-be-tenants is harder with newspapers failing and so many of them not watching TV commercials. So we hit ‘em where they live…on the streets (with mobile, scrolling ads and a 36-foot wide banner), online (with a cool new blog site) and in their favorite watering holes (with t-shirts and a coaster campaign at 13 bars) enticing them to text in to win a prize, and build our client’s database at the same time. Occupancy up. Client happiness up. Bottoms up!
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  • Raising the Barre
    This super hip, not-your-average-fitness studio needed an above-average web presence. With so many other Barre studios popping up out there, we decided to let the benefits of Barre help us differentiate our client's site (and studio) from the rest. We gave them a unique look while highlighting the long, lean benefits by using sophisticated photos and smart, descriptive copy to match. A straightforward approach to health deserves a straightforward approach to touting it. Beautiful.
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